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13 Risotto Recipes You’ll Want To Make On Repeat – Tasting Table

Though hazelnuts may be most commonly associated with sweets thanks to their Nutella fame, they really do shine in savory contexts, too. This buttery hazelnut risotto recipe is the perfect example of how the ingredient can bring an irresistibly nutty flavor to a dish without overpowering it; paired with the buttery flavors that risotto offers by nature, then you’ve got a dish that’s more complex than your typical risotto, but still just as warm as comforting as a classic recipe. 

Aside from the hazelnuts, which are certainly the oddball ingredient here, the rest of the ingredients are pretty standard for risotto. Arborio rice (which is the best type of rice for risotto), white wine, and stock will all make appearances in this recipe, as will Parmesan cheese and butter. 

Bringing it back to the hazelnuts, you’ll start by toasting them to bring out optimal warmth in the nuts. And, if the toasted nuts weren’t enough on their own, this recipe also calls for hazelnut oil, which will really hone in on those nutty flavors. You’ll drizzle the hazelnut oil on as a final garnish, so this does technically make it an optional ingredient, but it’s one that you’d be wise to not skimp on.

Recipe: Buttery Hazelnut Risotto

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