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Electric vehicle experts say EVs are rising in popularity

STATELINE (WIFR) – Need to make a stop to fill up gas? That could soon be a thing of the past, as electric vehicles make their rise in the car industry.

According to CNN, Americans bought nearly 300,000 EVs between April and June of 2023, a new record for electric car sales for any fiscal quarter.

“By 2035 in California, semi-trucks and cars, they’re going to outlaw emissions, that goes for New York as well. EV is coming,” said Lee Anderson, Chief Operating Officer for Integrity Auto Care.

Integrity Auto Care in Belvidere and Beloit is Tesla-certified for auto repair. Anderson says it can be common for drivers to notice issues with their EVs shortly after driving them off the dealer’s lot.

“There’s a lot of axles issues, lot of vibrations, we have a Tesla in right now that we’re rebuilding a drive motor on,” Anderson said. “I haven’t really seen many hybrid batteries, but you’re supposed to plug them in on frigid days like today, keep them plugged in, don’t let them get below 20-25%. Most average batteries right now, are roughly right around $200. You get a Tesla battery, $20,000.”

Chuck Meyers is the electric vehicle charging specialist at Thayer Energy Solutions in Loves Park. He says the price of electricity beats paying for gas.

“Being able to fill up and get 300 miles of range for 7 dollars is pretty great,” Meyers said. “Plug into your home charger in the garage at home, fill up at night and $7 later you’re filled back up in the morning. We also have our large DC fast chargers where we can fill you up to 80% in 18 minutes.”

Meyers says there are more ChargePoint charging stations than there are McDonalds restaurants.

You can download the ChargePoint app on your smartphone to locate charging stations. Drivers can connect the app to Apple CarPlay to receive notifications when they are near a charger.

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