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Glazed Salmon With Cranberry Balsamic Compote Recipe – Tasting Table

There are two key components to this dish — the salmon and the cranberry compote — and luckily there’s room for customization with the latter. A simple swap would be to use frozen cranberries instead of fresh ones, though Barrett also suggests thinking outside of the berry box. “You can branch out with something like blackberries or strawberries. Those go well with the salmon,” she notes, adding that she once made blackened catfish with blackberry compote to great success.

The cranberry compote also calls for nutmeg, though you might be so inclined to toss some other spices in there. “You could explore warm spices like cloves and cinnamon,” Barrett advises. “Try different variations — you want flavors that will complement your berries and the meat you are serving.” When in doubt, don’t overdo it with the additions or swaps, and whatever you do, don’t get too crazy with the sugar. As Barrett says, “You want a slightly sweet berry compote, not the kind you might add to a dessert.”

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