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Godiva’s Mister Donut doughnuts unlock a secret realm of deliciousness【Taste test】

Like no other chocolate doughnuts we’ve ever had before.

Ever since we heard that Mister Donut, Japan’s most popular doughnut chain, would be teaming up with Belgian-based chocolate company Godiva for the first time ever, we’ve been dreaming about biting into the limited-edition chocolatey creations.

That dream finally came true the other day when our reporter Tasuku Egawa purchased all four doughnuts in the new collection and took them back to the office for a taste test.

▼ Customers who purchase all four as a set get to receive a specially marked paper bag to carry them in.

Pulling on his gloves for a professional evaluation of each sweet, Egawa first cast his gaze upon the…

▼ …Ganache Chocolat.

This might look like an ordinary chocolate doughnut, albeit with a chocolate square emblazoned with the names involved in this collaboration, but when you look at it from the side…

…sandwiched within the chocolate doughnut is a bitter ganache and a whipped cream ganache, making it one of the most decadent treats we’d ever seen.

The decadence continued in the eating, as multiple types of chocolate enveloped the taste buds with every bite. Coupled with the extreme moistness from the cream, this was way beyond an ordinary chocolate doughnut, and a fantastic example of what can happen when two skilled partners bring their expertise to the table.

Next up is the Praline Chocolat.

Standing out from the others with its snowy white appearance, this doughnut is topped with candied almonds, giving it a rugged beauty.

Finished with icing sugar, this beauty conceals a delicious surprise, with praline whipped cream hidden inside the white chocolate coating!

This unusual structure created a delicious mouthfeel – the crunch of the almonds is followed by the crack of the white chocolate dome, with the nutty flavour of the whipped praline oozing out from inside. It had a complex and luxurious taste, and Egawa would go so far as to say it might just be the most delicious white chocolate donut he’s ever eaten.

Caramel Chocolat.

With a chocolate dough covered with chocolate, sprinkled with chocolate crunch, topped with salted butter caramel cream, and dusted with cocoa powder, this is another exceptional doughnut.

The addition of caramel gave the chocolate another dimension here, bringing out what seemed to be the fruity profile of cacao. It had a gorgeous flavour that was like unlocking a secret realm, introducing the taste buds to a new type of chocolate doughnut.

▼ The final item in the collection is the Galette de Rois Chocolat, which comes complete with…

▼ …a tiny paper crown.

▼ Flipping the galette doughnut over revealed that even the base was chocolatey.

Peeking inside revealed just how chocolatey the dough was, with extra chocolate in the centre of the almond cream.

The pie crust was crispy and delicious, with a pronounced chocolate flavour that paired beautifully with the almond cream. It was a very Godiva take on the traditional French galette, which is traditionally eaten on King’s Day, or Epiphany, on 6 January.

It’s not too late to eat the Galette de Rois doughnut, or any of the other doughnuts in the collection, as they’ll be on the menu until early February. The chain has also announced that a second Godiva collection will be making its debut on 31 January, so we’ll be back for more then, although Egawa says they’ve set the bar so high with this first collection, he can’t imagine what they’ll do to top it!

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