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Jazz Up Your Classic Tuna Salad With The Tang Of Dried Cranberries – The Daily Meal

It is no secret that a truly delicious dish offers a mix of numerous flavors and textures in layers that one can relish. As such, classic tuna salad is a base that can be elevated with the addition of many different flavors. For example, squeeze in some lemon juice for a sour flavor, sprinkle in apples and nuts for a crunchy texture to add to the soft gooeyness of the salad, dice up some chopped pickles for tartness, or include dried cranberries for a sweet tang that isn’t too overwhelming. Cranberries are a great addition to tuna salad not only because of the sweet flavor they impart on the dish but also because of the textural contrast they add to each bite.

Apart from the ease of making it, tuna salad is also universally popular because it is a healthy meal option. WebMD describes the many benefits of tuna salad. These include lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing the risk of cancer, preventing eyesight problems, and being a healthy inclusion in a weight loss plan. Cranberries, too, offer many health benefits, per the Cranberry Institute, and therefore are the perfect complement to a healthy tuna salad. The benefits of cranberry include reducing the chances of urinary tract infections and promoting both gut and cardiovascular health. Hence, tuna salad and cranberries are a beneficial match made in heaven.

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