Home Video Legacy Chinese American Restaurant Suzi’s Is Reopening in Austin

Legacy Chinese American Restaurant Suzi’s Is Reopening in Austin

Legacy Chinese American Restaurant Suzi’s Is Reopening in Austin


Austin’s magnetic restaurateur Suzy Yi is getting back into the restaurant game by opening a new spot in the city, as reported by ATX Food News. She’ll be opening Suzi’s Chinese in the Brentwood neighborhood, taking over what had been a location of Chinese American restaurant Old Thousand at 4805 Burnet Road.

According to an image of a sign posted on the restaurant’s door on Reddit, Suzy’s Chinese will open sometime in January and it is currently hiring for staff.

Yi opened her first restaurant, Suzi’s Chinese Kitchen, on South Lamar in 1990, serving up Chinese American dishes such as wontons/dumplings, egg rolls, chicken wings, and the such. And then, in 1997, she followed that with a second restaurant, Suzi’s China Grill & Sushi Barl in the North Shoal Creek neighborhood with a similar menu plus sushi. Then there was her pizzeria, Rebel Pizza Bar in 2015, above Suzi’s China Grill.

And then came the shutters. Yi closed Suzi’s Chinese Kitchen in 2013, then Rebel Pizza in 2017, and then, finally, Suzi’s China Grill in late 2018, which she explained as being because she wanted to retire. (That space is now a location of New American restaurant District Kitchen.)

Suzi’s Chinese’s predecessor on Burnet was a second location of the also-Chinese-American-Austin restaurant Old Thousand. It had opened in 2020, taking over what was Noble Sandwich Co., but closed in December 2023, because of the increasing costs of everything, including its rent. The original restaurant on East 11th Street is still open.

4805 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756


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