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Orange-Roll Coffee Cake

Orange-Roll Coffee Cake


I had never heard of orange rolls until I moved to Birmingham to work for Southern Living.

A distant cousin of cinnamon buns, the zesty glazed pastries make an appearance at nearly every gathering the same way coffee cakes do in my hometown in South Georgia. Both are sweet enough to be served for dessert but not so sugary that they’re banned from breakfast.

My Orange-Roll Coffee Cake combines the two—it’s a hug from my past and a celebration of my present in a way that’s comforting yet new. That’s what I love about being a Southerner: Certain foods ground us and make us feel at home, no matter where we are.

When making this recipe, I usually go for an old-school tube pan, but a Bundt pan will also do the trick. One of my favorites is the Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt, which has a pretty fluted shape and handles for easy unmolding.

Another pro tip: You can freeze this coffee cake (unglazed is best) for up to a month. Cover it tightly in plastic wrap followed by a layer of heavy-duty foil. Let it thaw on the counter for 24 hours before serving. Prepare the glaze on the day you’re planning to enjoy the cake.


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