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The 10 Best-Selling Electric Cars in America


The automotive world is going electric. And while EVs aren’t the dominant segment of the market — at least, not yet — uptake is still growing rapidly. According to an analysis from Kelley Blue Book, American buyers bought 1.2 million EVs in 2023. EVs made up 7.6 percent of the total market share in 2023, up from 5.9 percent in 2022. KBB is forecasting that share will be north of 10 percent in 2024.

Still, with all the different models on sale, what EVs are Americans actually buying? We crunched the numbers on the best-selling electric vehicles in 2023 to find out.

Not surprisingly, EV buyers like SUVs the same way as everyone else; electric sport-utes accounted for seven of the Top 10 vehicles. Also, American EV buyers like cars that are readily affordable. The top six best-selling EVs all start below the price of an average new car, which was hovering above $48,000 in December.

Here are the 10 best-selling electric vehicles in America for 2023.

Note: sales figures for some models are estimates courtesy of Kelley Blue Book and Car and Driver, as some brands do not release per-model sales data.

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3. Chevrolet Bolt EV / Bolt EUV

Future Electric Cars We’re Excited About:

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