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The effects of winter weather on electric vehicles

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) – Western Mass News got answers how the cold weather has impacted electric car batteries. We spoke with Vaughn McKay from Marcotte Ford. He explained that batteries, whether they be in an electronic, a phone, or a car, are all impacted by temperature fluctuations, which is why you should try to be mindful of when you’re getting behind the wheel.

Getting behind the wheel in the winter months can be a daunting task if you’re not used to it, which is why some may be worried about their car running, specifically if it’s electric.

“A lot of those questions do get brought up when someone is buying an electric vehicle,” McKay told us.

Vaughn McKay is a sales representative at Marcotte Ford in Holyoke who was able to provide further insight.

“Everything from cellphones to anything you’re using, say, your hardware tool’s battery does get a little bit turned down when it comes to the cold,” he said, “It’s just like any other battery.”

McKay explained that this is why you should give your car time to warm up and get acclimated, so you can use your car to its full potential. Many electric cars have apps that allow you to do this from inside. He gave us a glance on his phone.

“Say I want to leave my house at 7:30,” he explained, “I have kids and other people do too. I can precondition my vehicle to warm up with the internal cabin and that battery so it gets that longer range that you should have on a vehicle.”

However, he emphasized that the car is still safe if you have to hop in quickly. As for charging your car, he says the charge point chargers recently installed at the dealership are ready for use in different climates.

“The charging stations are regulated themselves, so they do stay cool and keep to maintain their temperature so the performance remains the same.”

McKay advised anyone looking to switch to an electric car be mindful of their salesperson, recommending you go to someone knowledgeable about the car, so you have all the information you need before leaving the lot.

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