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The Reason Alex Guarnaschelli’s Sheet Pan Salad Is Absolutely Genius – The Daily Meal

Step one to serving a sheet pan salad is making sure the sheet pan is clean. If this is being served to guests, then you don’t want a pan with rust or stains on it, or it could turn people off. Start with a clean sheet pan, then layer the salad as usual: the greens first, then the toppings, and finally the dressing. You can also serve the salad dressing on the side if guests would prefer to add it on their own. Guarnaschelli shared her salad on Instagram, telling fans that the sheet pan layout “Allows you to season everything really easily and [is] fun to eat this way for a change of pace.”

Besides being great for distribution, a sheet pan salad is excellent for a larger dinner party because it allows multiple people to be around the salad at once. You can have two serving utensils, and people can take their salad from both sides of the pan without being on top of each other. It’s also easier for everyone at the table to reach it.

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