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The wheels are falling off of the forced transition to electric vehicles

The wheels are falling off of the forced transition to electric vehicles


The rapid push to electric vehicles was never something the country has been ready for, and many are now changing course to correct their mistake of embracing the Democratic Party’s narrative.

Hertz is cutting 20,000 electric vehicles from its rental car fleet after planning to have 125,000 EVs by the end of 2024. The company is expected to lose $245 million due to depreciation, citing both that depreciation and higher damage-repair costs for its decision. In October, Ford announced that it is postponing $12 billion in spending and investment on EVs.

Meanwhile, some Democrats are joining Republicans in Congress in pushing back on President Joe Biden’s EV plan, most recently passing a resolution to undo Biden’s exemptions for EV chargers from being built by Americans.

All of this is because this rapid push by Democrats has been poorly thought out. From an increased reliance on Chinese manufacturing to the use of fossil fuels to power charging stations, the country was not prepared for this massive, rushed transition. California, in the midst of a full embrace of both electric vehicles and wind and solar energy, had to tell residents not to charge their EVs during peak hours to avoid crashing its frail energy grid. And that is before forcing another 15 million or so drivers into EVs in the coming years.


On top of this, electric vehicles simply aren’t worth it compared to gas-powered cars. Aside from the aforementioned repair costs, EVs cost more, are more unreliable thanks to battery issues and sparse charging stations, and come with other problems involving body panels and interior parts. People are being asked to embrace all of this even as China continues to pump even more carbon emissions into the air, making the environmental impact questionable (along with the problems involving fossil fuel-powered charging stations and lithium mining for batteries).

Electric vehicles are certainly a good choice for some people, but the key is that it is a choice. Biden, California Democrats, and others are looking to take that choice away and force all drivers into expensive, unreliable EVs. Even car manufacturers and rental car agencies now see that a course correction is needed, but none of it will matter if Democrats keep wielding government power to force it upon everyone.


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