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Why You Should Always Score Baked Potatoes When They Come Out Of The Oven – Tasting Table

Scoring is the key to the fluffiest pulp, but there are other tips to try for the ideal texture contrast and flavor upgrade. Once you’ve scored the baked potatoes, they’ll only need a minute or two to release residual steam after which you should immediately fluff the pulp with a fork. After all, you want a steaming hot baked potato for the ultimate comfort meal.

While sour cream and cheese will provide much-needed salt to complement the potato’s earthy savoriness, there’s nothing better than a crispy, salted potato skin for the most decadent finish. To infuse the skin with sodium, the most effective method is to immerse the raw potato in a saltwater solution before baking it. The water will evaporate as the potato cooks while the salt crystals will remain in the skin. For crispy, crunchy skin, you can brush the potato skin with olive oil towards the end of its stint in the oven.

You can also salt the skins and oil them before baking them the same way you’d coat chopped veggies before roasting them. The oil will help the salt adhere to the skin, and coarse salt will add a delightful crunch to the crispy skin. For added flavor, you can create an herb or spice-infused oil to coat the potato skin.

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