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Zury’s Taco Bar to bring that Latin American feel to former Cedar Falls OP on College Hill

Theory of war

There are offensive and defensive people. Evil powers give bad ideas.

Jesus has brought the solution. God has given 10 rules to clarify, allow, and strengthen individually, love.

Love is stronger than pain and hate, not to mention better. Peace will triumph. Love will win. Surprised?

Carol Robinson, Waterloo

Attack on children

What’s the latest attack on children by Gov. Reynolds? This time, it’s refusing over $28 million federal dollars to provide food for 240,000 low-income children next summer. It would only cost Iowa taxpayers $2.2 million to oversee. How cruel can you get? And yet, I think the cruelty is the point. Reynolds and her GOP minions passed several restrictive laws in 2023 taking away the rights of LGBTQ+ children. They also gave $144 million of our tax dollars to wealthy families to send their kids to private religious schools, leaving public schools poorer because of lower enrollment.

Who is behind this cruelty? Bob Vander Plaats and The Family Leader, a network of evangelical churches across Iowa who instruct their parishioners how to vote. Their donor base contributes campaign funds to Republican politicians from Reynolds on down. TFL has pushed Reynolds and the Iowa GOP to pass all of the above issues. It’s truly shameful that self-proclaimed Christians are the cause for all of this completely unnecessary misery.

Jesus is the one who commanded his followers to feed the poor and take care of the children. But his followers here in Iowa have yet to get that message.

Doug Smith, Cedar Falls

A friend remembered

To my reasoning, certain souls need to be recognized and lauded for their time on Earth. Jimmy Longnecker was an example of that spirit. I kicked around with him since Lincoln Elementary. I knew his parents, I had a myriad experiences with his siblings, he was one of the many kiddos I grew up with in the 1960s and 70s (yes we’re that old). He was a unique individual. He had a creative spirit that was awe-inspiring. His musical talents were wonderful to enjoy and a lucky opportunity to share with the many grateful friends and fans he had. I knew him a little differently in adulthood. We pursued the same academic interests and had many discussions regarding the current state of man and humanism in general. He came back from Auburn a changed person. Smarter, deeper, more engaged. I’ll never forget our conversations about psychology, helping professionals, and our future aspirations. He was unique. He will be missed by many. I will miss a friend and colleague of five-plus decades. It’s not farewell my friend but until we meet again.

Howard Griffin, Cedar Falls

Election interference

As recently reported in the Courier, two Democratic-controlled states have banned Donald Trump’s name from appearing on their primary ballots. While many are surprised to see this brazen attempt to block voters from exercising their right to vote for the leading candidate, this tactic is nothing new.

In the 1860 election, 10 Democratic-controlled Southern states blocked Abraham Lincoln’s name from appearing on their ballots. As a result, Lincoln only received about 40% of the popular vote nationally, but was able to prevail in the Electoral College.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows (who banned Trump for her state’s ballot) has called the Electoral College “the relic of white supremacy.” But the exact opposite is true. If it weren’t for the Electoral College, a slavery-neutral or pro-slavery Democrat would have won the presidency in 1860. At the very least, that would have meant a lengthy delay in the battle to end slavery by Lincoln and the Republicans.

Peter Voorhees, Cedar Falls

Disingenuous essay

Rachel Greszler’s recent opinion essay in The Courier included a few actual facts, but they were surrounded by so many deceiving misstatements that it’s hard to take her, or the article, seriously.

She would have you believe that efforts to increase the number of workers eligible for overtime wages will do only harm to those workers. That up is down. She repeatedly uses “a study” to justify her opinion, but refuses to cite the source or indicate who funded or conducted the study. Do you suppose that study was paid for and guided by average workers, who she claims to care so deeply about? Me neither.

The Heritage Foundation, which she represents, is nothing more than a mouthpiece for large corporate interests. When it comes to labor and wage laws, the Heritage Foundation would be thrilled to return our economy to the 1920s, before minimum wages, overtime, or employee benefits even existed.

Although they claim to support workers, they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Don’t be fooled.

Dennis Harbaugh,


Support Ukraine

Support for Ukraine is important for the future of all democracies and the freedom of people of the world. Defeat is not an option and will only embolden communist and authoritarian aggression worldwide. Mark Twain remarked, “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

The conflict resembles the situation in Great Britain during the spring of 1941, facing possible invasion and certain defeat when alone facing Nazi Germany’s invasion of western Europe. President Franklin Roosevelt sent a special adviser, Harry Hopkins, to Great Britain to report on the resolve of the English people, He found they were committed to self-determination and the many values of freedom.

In his reports to Roosevelt, he quoted from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament: Whilst thy go, I will go. Where thou lodgest, I will lodge. Thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God. Even to the end.” He proclaimed his support to their cause, and the Lend Lease Act soon followed.

We now need statesmen and leadership on the world stage to show that the United States is still the light of the free world. We are at a crossroads. Give Ukraine the needed aid to finish their job. Humanity and civilization could depend on our support. The fight for freedom has not changed in 83 years.

Bruce Quegg, Cedar Falls

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